Author, Personality Type & Behavioral Change Expert


Anne Dranitsaris, Ph.D.

Brain-based Therapist and Relationship Counselor

Anne is a behavioral change expert with more than 30 years experience in the field of brain-based therapy, relationship therapy, codependence & addiction, personal development and emotional management. She works with individuals, couples, and families to help them understand their personality, needs and emotions. Most people seek her help because something in their life isn't working and they need help changing dysfunctional patterns of behavior, thinking or emotions. Many come for the treatment of anxiety, depression, impulse control, eating disorders, and relationship and family issues.

During sessions, clients build awareness of automatic habits of mind and the fears that create emotional suffering. Using a combination of brain-based, psychodynamic, cognitive and mindfulness approaches, clients learn to build self-esteem and change emotionally driven behaviors that gets in the way of satisfying relationships and careers.

Clients also learn to shift from surviving behaviors to thriving in their lives. They learn what drives them, what energizes them, and how they are most likely to behave when they are not getting their needs met. Using a number of approaches and tools, clients change self-defeating patterns behaviors and self-talk.

Expert in Personality Type  
Anne has been a Qualified Practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) since 1984. She is also qualified to use a number of psychometric instruments including the MBTI, BarOn Eq-I®, and Striving Styles Personality Assessment.

Anne’s work using psychometric assessment, psychological type, emotional intelligence and the dynamics of human behavior, influenced the development of the Striving Styles Personality System® (SSPS®) – a neuro-psychological approach to discovering and developing your full potential. This proprietary psychometric assessment and system for development is used in identifying leadership styles, and the challenges experienced as leaders of organizations and teams.

Author and Speaker
Anne is a prolific and frequently cited writer on a broad range of topics on organizational dysfunction, behavior, emotional intelligence, and personality styles and their impact in the workplace. Prior to developing the SSPS, she authored two distinct series of books based on Jung's theory of Psychological Type to support her work with clients using the MBTI.

Anne’s books include the Brain-based Behavioral Interview Guide and over 75 books for use with the SSPS and MBTI. These books help leaders during the coaching process to understand themselves, their environment, their relationships as well as to understand the impact of personality type on employees, teams and leaders.

She is the co-author of the popular book on personality type “Who Are You Meant to Be – A groundbreaking, step-by-step approach to identifying and achieving your true potential." Anne and her co-author, Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard, are currently working on Codependent Leaders, a book for understanding and working through the barriers to becoming an authentic leader.

As a speaker, Anne is informative and inspiring. Some of her many articles and presentations are available on the Resources page and on Slideshare. Audiences love her unusual, thought-provoking and often cutting-edge concepts and insights, delivered with both humor and energy. They relate easily to her ideas as well as her illustrative and entertaining stories, and feel inspired to take action and improve.

Anne has delivered a wide-range of courses and workshops to entrepreneurs, business & professional associations, employees, Human Resource professionals and women’s groups.