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Karma PatternS

Understanding the Karmic Fear Patterns that Impede Our Growth

Have you ever wondered why the same negative or challenging things happen to you? Why you attract the same dysfunctional people into your life? Or why some things are so easy for other people while you continue to struggle along. And despite trying to change behaviors, you keep repeating the same patterns, getting the same negative result?

Scientists are recognizing links between functions of our brain, cellular memory and karmic patterns of behavior that we are born with. Our cells contain DNA which contains the karmic blueprint for the complete design of our physical emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Our cells remember all of who we have been in past lives and all that has been in this life right up to the present day including the fear patterns that were developed over many lifetimes. Nothing we have experienced, whether positive or negative, escapes being programmed into our cells and carried from lifetime to lifetime.

Each of us comes into this life with a pattern of behaviors or archetype that will both help us and restrict us in our lives. In the Vedic traditions of India, these Karma Patterns are called Samskaras. Samskara in Sanskrit means sam (complete or joined together) and kara (action, cause, or doing).  Samskaras are positive in our lives when we use the best of our Karma Pattern behaviors. They can also be negative and destructive. When the Karma Pattern is triggered by fear, reminding us of past lives where there have been extreme negative consequences, we defend ourselves as though our lives depended on it. Simple disagreements can trigger memories and fears of abandonment, war, death or destruction. Living from our samskaras and not recognizing our Karma Patterns gets in the way of living life in the present moment. 

When we live as though we are nothing more than our patterns, we live an unconscious life as we go through life on automatic pilot, unaware of the drivers of our behaviors. We remain attached to the need to fulfill the ego desires and our life if formed by the ideas and impulses of the ego rather than of the self.


Our behavior is affected by fear more than any other human emotion. It causes us to act in ways that are inconsistent with what we desire or aspire for. Our beliefs about fear get in the way of understanding this powerful emotion and acknowledging that it actually exists.  

Understanding Your Karma Pattern and its associated behaviors allows you to shift from self-defeating behaviors that get in the way of your happiness and achieving your potential.

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