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Why Brain-based therapy?

The ultimate aim of brain-based therapy is to customize the approach to therapy that meets the need of the individual. This includes how their brain is organized, their personality, self-protective patterns of behavior and the emotional drivers of behavior. This also allows us to identify and understand dysfunctional patterns of behavior and the fears that stop us from achieving our full emotional, professional and relationship potential.  
Brain-based therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, coaching, and the practice of mindfulness are at the heart of the services I offer. The process of therapy and cognitive coaching is one of guided self-examination for the purpose of transforming the emotional, mental, physical, and interpersonal conditions which inhibit one’s healthy functioning and sense of well-being. Mindfulness – paying attention in the present moment, non-judgmentally – helps each client to develop the capacity for responding to their life rather than reacting to it.
The conditions that are treated are clusters of emotional and behavioral symptoms (codependence, eating disorders, addictions, low self-esteem, sexual dysfunction, depression and anxiety disorders, etc.) with varying degrees of severity. Clients’ symptoms are understood and reduced by exploring and getting to the root cause of their problems through various treatment approaches. These approaches help clients to lead more fulfilling and enriched lives, free of their distressing emotional or behavioural symptoms.
As a highly-qualified, experienced professional, I offer traditional and non-traditional therapy – assessing and treating a variety of mental, emotional, psychological, and nervous system problems and disorders with the use of an informed and humanistic perspective in treating the whole human being.

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