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Psychodynamic therapy

Psychodynamic therapy, also referred to as insight-oriented or depth therapy, is an approach in which client and therapist work together to explore and resolve the underlying and often unconscious issues that create difficulties in their lives. Because this approach focuses on the recognition and resolution of the root causes of clients’ problems, it is a powerful method for facilitating true and lasting change.

Individual therapy starts with a discussion of the emotional symptoms the individual is experiencing and what they would like to achieve through the course of treatment. During sessions, the client works to discover underlying causes of symptoms and to release any associated emotions. The dynamics of the therapy relationship often take on a central importance and aid in understanding treatment needs. The work often proceeds in greater depth than in time-specified treatments, with the focus more on developmental and relational dynamics, than on symptoms and behaviors. The process of individual therapy may take more or less time, depending on what the individual would like to achieve or the severity of their symptoms.

From this process comes a dynamic, creative partnership in which clients begin to gain an understanding of their feelings, thoughts, and motivations; they heal, lessen their own pain, and grow. Clients are able to be in touch with their feelings and to develop a clearer understanding of themselves and their situation – getting to the truth of how they feel, what they believe, and how they act. They begin to feel differently, and to integrate this new awareness and use it on their own behalf.

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