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Mindfulness and therapy

Most people seek help from a therapist because of the way they feel – chronic emotional pain, sadness, anxiety, depression, insecurity, feelings of low self worth, difficulty making decisions, etc. Others seek therapy to deal with unsatisfying relationships or self-destructive patterns of behaviour. They are looking for the reason that they feel the way they do, despite attempts they have made on their own to change or understand the reasons for the feelings and behaviors.

Through the integration of mindfulness and therapy, I help clients to cultivate a non-judgmental stance to their emotions, thoughts and feelings while exploring and resolving underlying issues. Treatment approaches integrate psychodynamic and cognitive therapy with mindfulness practices, creating a powerful synergy and allowing for direct attention to symptom relief. Clients learn to master their emotional states while gaining self-awareness, and an understanding of how their thoughts and beliefs get in the way of living to their full potential. The treatment approaches are used in individual, group and couples therapy sessions.

The services that I offer help clients to become more fully aware of their thoughts, emotions and behaviors, so they can relate to them in new and creative ways. Mindfulness techniques also allow clients to work directly with their symptoms, reducing their intensity and negative effects. Ultimately, this helps clients move from automatic patterns of behavior to healthier, more self-affirming ways of responding to situations in daily life.