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"Anne Dranitsaris has helped develop my skills, allowing me to expand my business and operate from a place of strength, and channel the ever disrupting world of emotions. She has taught me to use the greatest power we possess, "our voice" and through this, obtain the results I require to be a successful, satisfied and happy entrepreneur. I will say nothing more than the advice I was given prior to meeting Anne which was "hear her speak once and you will need no further convincing."  

Steve Kipp
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​​leadership Coaching for entrepreneurs

Most entrepreneurs excel during the start-up phase of their business. They get to do what they love, the way they want to do it, without restrictions. They envision their desired future state and how they want to get there, and start moving.

Envisioning, adapting, inspiring others, taking risks, persisting and executing are what entrepreneurs love to do, and are these qualities are the key success factors that allow them to thrive in the market place.

Entrepreneurs are in a hurry to get to where they want to go, and don’t like to slow themselves down to take care of what is going on inside their business or with their people. Entrepreneurial organizations have very unique challenges because of the personality of the entrepreneur, and the type of people they select to work with them. The way the entrepreneur leads can feel chaotic to employees who don’t share the entrepreneur’s hunger for excitement and growth.

Crisis of Growth in Entrepreneurial Businesses
​The main characteristics of the entrepreneurial personality that build successful enterprises can ultimately create dysfunctional businesses. Inadvertently, their tendencies often lead to power struggles and duplication of efforts across their organization, and, ultimately, a negative impact on bottom line results. We don’t just focus on your behavior; we look at the emotions and psychological needs that drive your behavior in leadership activities, and in your workplace relationships.​

Steady growth often signifies the need for the entrepreneur to slow down, and give form and structure to the business entity. Fatigued from being in the service of clients, employees, and the voracious needs of their growing business, entrepreneurs can rely on us for the hands-on support they need.

Unique Approach to Growing Your Business​​
Leadership Coaching for entrepreneurs begins by assessing the current stage of the growth of the business. Understanding the natural stages of growth in the entrepreneurial business and the normal challenges that occur as a result is a critical part of the process. It also begins by assessing the personality and leadership style of the entrepreneur to help them understand how their behavior both grows the business and gets in the way of its growth at the same time.

During the coaching process, we engage entrepreneurs in exploring their own dynamics and the behaviors that impede business growth, and create negative organizational dynamics and dysfunctions. Working within the context of their business life, entrepreneurs develop new behaviors, and are given the tools they need to manage the performance of their people and the business.

Unlike typical leadership coaching, our approach supports entrepreneurs where they need it the most by providing coaching expertise and by standing in for the entrepreneur in leadership activities until gaps are filled.  ​

With Anne's unique approach to coaching, entrepreneurs come to understand the challenges they face during the various stages of growth in their organization, and what they need to do to develop to lead their business to the next stage.

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