Author, Personality Type & Behavioral Change Expert


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My education has always been eclectic, seeking out educators and educational institutions that were consistent with my beliefs and vision for the advancement of human development. Combining my in-depth knowledge of psychology, personality, physiology, and human development, I am able to offer a very grounded, practical, educational, and insightful way of working with people.

I have studied at mainstream universities such as Ryerson (Business Management), University of Toronto (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Religious Studies) and ADR Institute of Ontario (Alternate Dispute Resolution). I looked for training institutes that would give me the tools to integrate the cognitive, emotional and physical approaches to healing the mind and body. This education included: receiving a degree as a Registered Massage Therapist; graduating from the International School for Spiritual Sciences (Montreal); psychotherapy certification from the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy (D.C.T.P); studies at the Masterson Institute for Disorders of the Self (New York); and a Ph.D. in Therapeutic Counseling from the Open International University for Complementary Medicine (WHO). 

I have also completed postgraduate programs in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Spiritual Self-Schema Development for the treatment of addiction, Brain and Behavior and Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i), and am a long-time follower of the work of Carl Jung. I continue to stay educated and informed about recent advances in neuroplasticity, brain development, mindfulness and social intelligence. More recently I have completed the New Brain Science series with NICABM.