Striving Styles® personality system

If you have ever wondered what motivates you to do the things you do in life; why you behave in a particular way in situations or why you act the way you do in relationships, the Striving Styles Personality System can help you answer all of these questions. It can help you understand the mechanics of your mind so that you can achieve your potential based on discovering your authentic self. Achieving your potential means becoming all that you are capable of being – to fully self-actualize. It starts with the awareness of what your predominant need is and how you pursue getting that need met in your life. It starts with knowing your Striving Style and understanding who you are meant to be. 

Striving Styles® Personality System 
The SSPS was created by Anne Dranitsaris, Ph.D. and Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard. We use it with our clients to help build self-awareness and understand fear based patterns of behavior based on their individual brain organization and authentic self.

The SSPS is an evolution of Jung’s Theory of Psychological Type, which integrates the latest advances in neuroscience, needs theory and emotional intelligence. It is a powerful tool for individual and team development, career coaching, selection and succession, and behavioral and cultural change initiatives.

The SSPS provides a full suite of products for assessing and developing leaders and employees. By providing an understanding of the more dynamic aspects of a leader’s brain, emotions, behavior, and personality, it ensures they develop authentically, based on their own physiology.

The SSPS also shows how their unmet needs cause shifts in behavior that get in the way of achieving their goals and, most importantly, what they can do about it. The Striving Styles Personality System is much more than an assessment: It’s a step-by-step guide to achieving potential.

Striving Styles®  Level I Assessment
The Striving Styles Level I Personality Assessment provides individuals with an understanding of the innate needs that drive their behavior, as well as how they utilize the four quadrants of their brain. Using this insight, they can ensure their needs are being met, and that they are leveraging their whole brain in order to develop and achieve their potential, whether as a leader, or as an employees.

The Striving Styles® Personality System is a neuro-psychological framework for achieving potential that identifies the needs that drive behavior. Going beyond existing assessments, it provides a comprehensive roadmap to change behavior and repattern the brain.


Author, Personality Type & Behavioral Change Expert

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