*  Codependence

*  Anxiety & Depression

*  Relationship Issues

*  Career Transitions

*  Eating Disorders

*  Life Transitions

*  Self-Esteem Issues

*  Personal Development

*  Leadership Development

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Understanding your personality and emotional needs puts you in the driver's seat...

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Who Are You Meant to Be?                A Groundbreaking Step-by-Step Process for Discovering and Fulfilling Your True Potential 

by Anne Dranitsaris, Ph.D. & Heather Dranitsaris Hilliard.

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Emotional development and behavioral change starts with understanding how your brain is hard-wired. Dysfunctional patterns of behavior can be rewired to achieve greater personal, relationship and professional satisfaction...


Brain-based Therapy for Codependence, Relationship Issues & Emotional Well-Being

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Brain-based Approaches

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IS A Brain-Based   Approach to therapy FOR YOU?

Therapy, behavioral change and coaching rooted in the science of brain development.​

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Find out how your brain is organized by taking the Striving Styles Personality Assessment. Go beyond the MBTI and understand the emotional needs that drive your behavior.

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